"I had the incredible experience to meet up with RYSA Racing in one of their car control clinics at Homestead Miami Speedway.  With a professional instructor at my side, I was able to drift the car on a wet skid-pad without losing control of the car. I was able to take my driving skills to another level, and now I feel ready to become a weekend racer!!"  David Kutner

"I have been a customer since 2001 with RYSA's kart program, then took a hiatus for almost 10yrs and returned when I heard of their new expansion in a racecar program.  I immediately signed up for a number of driver schools at Homestead, Sebring, Palm Beach.  I felt so good with the level of coaching that I improved every session I went on track.  Now I am racing in , Chumpcar, FARA and PBOC, using one of their Spec Miata.  Their arrive and drive program is just my thing, no hassle, great car prep and on the spot coaching.  Thanks RYSA crew, you guys rock."  Jesse Singer

"I had never been on a race track before my first track day with RYSA Racing, I drive a 600hp car on the street.  Now I was learning to control the car, not the other way around.  The technique was roll speed and go faster, not use pure hp.  I was amazed how fast you can go if you understood how to do so.  These guys helped me discover the pure elements of high speed driving."  David Cowheard.